• Be On Time!
    Posted in Mentoring Tips on August 1, 2014

    Individuals in mentoring relationships should take punctuality seriousely. Show up on time to meetings with your mentor, and try your hardest to meet previousely set deadlines. If conflicts come up, try to give your mentor as much advance notice as possible.

  • Mentors Can Come From Many Places
    Posted in Mentoring Tips on August 4, 2014

    When looking for a mentor,  expand your search to areas outside of your workplace. Mentors can be found in community groups, non-profits and local organizations. 

  • Understanding Who You Are
    Posted in General on August 5, 2014

    When searching for a mentor, it's important to find someone who you are compatible with. By taking an online personality test, you can learn more about yourself and more easily find someone who you will work well with. These tests can be completed easily and quickly, and can provide instant assessments of your termperment, disposition, likes, and dislikes. We have listed a couple of good ones below:

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  • Try Different Mentoring Techniques
    Posted in Mentoring Tips on August 18, 2014

    Mentoring doesn't just have to consist of discussions between a mentor and mentee. Try role playing, attend a special event or conference, or brainstorm ideas on paper. Varying what you do in a mentoring reltionship can help keep things interesting and enhance learning. 

  • Keep it Professional!
    Posted in Mentoring Tips on August 27, 2014

    As a mentor, it's a good idea to maintain a professional image for your mentee. Especially in workplace based mentoring relationships, a mentee will often view the mentor as a blueprint for achieving sucess. Mentors can use their own professional accomplishments and career to help guide their protégé towards acheiving their goals. 

  • Mentoring Resources
    Posted in General on August 29, 2014

    The most difficult part about mentoring for many is simply getting started. Luckily, there are many websites, manuals, and articles online that can be of great help. Our own website has a great list of resources (Go to the "Mentoring Resources" tab and click on "Online Mentoring"), all categorized for your convenience. We went ahead and listed a few favorites from the list below:

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