College and Career Readiness

Soft-Skills Program

The Mentoring Institute is thrilled to announce an opportunity for New Mexico high school juniors and seniors to cultivate professional skills in the workplace and higher education. In partnership with 21st Century Solutions, a New Mexico representative of SkillBott Inc., we are offering an online program designed to promote positive outcomes for success in higher education and the workplace. Equipping students with skills such as teamwork, professionalism, and critical thinking can begin a confident trek to success.

The program is managed completely online, with up to 180 course hours available. Students and teachers will have access to lessons, exercises, and projects. Teachers may decide to incorporate content as part of an existing course, or as self-directed student activities. This will contribute to the student’s development of personal and professional skills, including analytical skills, strong work ethic, written and verbal capabilities, and leadership.

By the end of the course, students will earn up to three certificates that can be used towards job applications and post-secondary school applications. This program is also valuable for teachers as it provides online material to enhance current classes. The course hours can be melded into standalone electives or used for virtual engagement.

New Mexico schools are invited to apply for open enrollment by September 30th as this program will be offered in a competitive process for the fiscal year 2020-2021. This program comes at no cost to your school as it is fully funded by The State Legislature of New Mexico.

High Schools

High School representatives will apply through the Mentoring Institute website and will receive an application response by October 2nd. If the application is approved, teachers participating in the program will be instructed to sign up for a SkillBott account and complete two hours of training. Teachers will then select students to participate in the program and assist them in enrolling with SkillBott. Teachers should guide and assist students in completing the program.


Selected students will create an account with SkillBott and complete up to three 40-hour courses with 20 hours of additional content designed to prepare them for college and the workplace. Each course includes 20 hours of teacher-guided instruction and 20 hours of standalone online material required, plus 20 hours of optional online content. Students will have access to the three courses until June 30th, 2021, to be completed at the discretion of the teacher and student. Upon finishing each course, students will be given a certificate of completion.