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College Success

Dual-Enrollment Soft-skills Program (FYEX 1120)

The University of New Mexico’s Mentoring Institute proudly announces the Soft-Skills program for Spring 2024. The online Soft-Skills program intends to help high school students grow leadership, interpersonal, and critical thinking skills in a rigorous, confidence-building environment. Students receive 3 UNM credit hours through the program, giving students an invaluable head start on success in college.

The program, designed using the Quality Matters Rubric, asynchronously prepares students for professional, personal, and collegiate success. The overall intention of this course is to provide learners with skills and knowledge in personal management (i.e., effective social interactions, self-regulation, motivation, goal setting, growth mindset, time management), and academic skills (i.e., college writing, public speaking, asking questions, classroom interactions). It is taught entirely online by UNM instructors in small classes of 20 to 25 students, ensuring that students are equipped to emerge ready for the workplace and the college classroom.

We are able to offer the Soft-skills Program at no cost to schools through generous funding from the New Mexico State Legisla- ture. Apply now through the Dual Enrollment registration portal. If you wish to join UNM’s dual enrollment program, please get in touch with Sarah Dominguez, contact information below, to sign a master agreement.

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Program Schedule and InformatIon

The course contains eighteen modules in four units of soft skills: learning, relationships, academic success, and applying for colleges. There are 12 learning outcomes, including improved test taking, communication, career planning, recognizing the value of diversity, and improving memory. Each week contains one module. Each module has a pre-test, a post-test, 6 assignments, and a summative assessment.

Soft Skills for Learning:

Week 1: Mentoring Basics

Week 2: Habits for a Successful College Student

Week 3: Growth Mindset

Week 4: Self-regulated Learning

Soft Skills for Relationships:

Week 5: Self-Awareness & Self-Control

Week 6: Motivation & Empathy

Week 7: Social Skills

Soft Skills for Academic Success:

Week 8: Time Management Revised

Week 9: Understanding Your Professors - Generational and Cultural Awareness

Week 10: Active Listening

Week 11: Asking Powerful Questions

Week 12: Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback

Week 13: Writing at a College Level

Week 14: Preparing for Public Speaking

Week 15: Using Learning Skills Inventories

Week 16: Improving Memory Techniques

Soft Skills for Applying to College

Week 17: College Application Process

Week 18: Financial Aid Options