Goals & Objectives

Goal 1

Exponentially improve the quality of mentorship provided to students, faculty, and staff at UNM and Statewide by establishing a network of mentoring partnerships and communities of practice.


  • Establishment of 2 new partnerships with UNM and Community Mentoring Programs per fiscal year.

  • Maintain 80-100% of current partnerships with UNM and Community Mentoring Programs.

Goal 2

Positively affect engagement, retention and graduation rates of students by educating our diverse student body, faculty, and staff across disciplines in Mentoring Best Practices, Competences, and Capabilities.


  • Design and development of one certification module per fiscal year.

  • Train 100+ mentors in Mentoring best practices, competences and capabilities per fiscal year through short term training programs.

  • Certify 30+ mentors in Mentoring per fiscal year through completion of at least one certification module per fiscal year.

Goal 3

Enhance the academic and career success of students, faculty, and staff across the country through out the diffusion of research-based mentoring best practices and educational programs in national and international conferences.


  • Disseminate knowledge and mentoring by sponsoring and organizing, and hosting a National Mentoring Conference per fiscal year.

  • Participate and present in 2 national/international conferences per fiscal year.