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Early Registration - Before June 15th, 2022 ($500)
Standard Registration ($600)
Presenter Registration ($500)
UNM Student Registration ($350)
Pre-Conference Workshops ($600) (3 simultaneous options, choose only one).

Coaching and Leadership Approaches to Mentoring–Bob Garvey
Weaving Negotiation Skills into Mentorship–Valerie Romero-Leggott, Eve Espey & Nancy Kanagy
How to Develop Trust in Mentoring Relationships-Lisa Fain
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Post-Conference Workshop ($600) (3 simultaneous options, choose only one).

Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Mentees–Brian Barnes
Mentoring Across Differences: Transforming Individuals, Relationships, Institutions, and Professions–Mirna Ramos-Diaz & Frances Kochan
Assessment of Mentoring Programs and Relationships–Laura Lunsford
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