Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. To help ensure your experience with the Mentoring Institute runs as smoothly as possible, we have compiled some of the most common questions. Click on the groups below to expand the questions. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please email mentor@unm.edu for additional assistance.

General Information   

  • What is the cost for attendance for attendees?
  • Registration Fees & Deadlines

    Standard Registration Deadline October 14th
    Early Registration Deadline June 15th
    Standard Registration $500
    Early Registration $400
    Presenter Registration $400
    UNM Full-time Student Registration $350
    Pre-conference Workshops (full day)   $500

    Registration fees can be paid online using a VISA or MasterCard. Sorry, no checks or purchase orders.

  • What is a break room?
  • Break rooms are presentations rooms.
  • Will there be Internet access?
  • Yes, UNM's Lobo Wi-Fi will be available to you. Please sign on as 'Lobo-Guest.'
  • Will the the conference program be available on your website?
  • We do not provide the most current program online until after the conference. You can view past conference programs on our Past Events page.
  • Can I get an acceptance letter to include in my own dossier?
  • Certificates will be issued to all attendees, but if you need an acceptance letter we can accommodate this request.
  • I recently published a book, can I sell copies at the conference?
  • You may display your book and/or give it away, but you cannot sell or advertise for it during your session at the conference.
  • Are meals included in the registration fee?
  • No, meals are not included in the registration fee. However, we serve (4) complementary lunches at the conference. These meals are provided to participants as a courtesy, and with the help of local sponsors. We will keep providing them to the best of our ability.
  • Is there funding/scholarships for non-UNM students?
  • We offer a waiver for the conference fee ONLY to UNM students, if we do not meet the number of students needing waivers, we can then offer to students outside of UNM. Other then this, we do not have any other type of funding. 

Hotel and Shuttle Information   

  • Where can I book a hotel room?
  • We have made arrangements with a local hotel for your convenience. Please check our Accommodations Page to learn more.
  • Will there be ground transportation to the conference event or should we expect to take a taxi?
  • If you are staying at the event hotel there will be a shuttle available in the mornings and early evenings to take you to and from the conference.  When available, shuttle schedules will be posted on our Accommodations Page. 
  • Will there be ground transportation made available to tour off campus?
  • Due to the number of participants and the unpredictability of individual schedules, the University cannot provide shuttle service for conference attendees.

Registration Information   

  • When does early registration run?
  • Early registration begins Friday, March 27th, and runs through Monday, June 15th.
  • When is the last day I can register?
  • The last day to register is Saturday, October 14th.
  • I need a letter of confirmation for reimbursement.
  • We are happy to provide a letter of confirmation for reimbursement.
  • I've lost my registration/payment confirmation, how can I get a copy?
  • Your registration receipt is sent automatically to your inbox when payment has been finalized. We do not have access of your original receipt, but we can offer assistance in finding the date you registered, or draft an invoice if you cannot locate the original receipt in your inbox.
  • What is your refund policy?
  • To request a refund, please email mentor@unm.edu. If you require a refund of your conference registration, please make note of the following deadlines:
    • You may receive a full refund of your conference registration before July 15th.
    • You may receive a 50% refund of your conference registration before August 15th.
    • After August 15th , we will be unable to process further refunds.

Submission & Presenters Information   

  • Do I submit my paper as a Adobe PDF file or Microsoft Word DOC file?
  • Please submit papers in Microsoft Word document format (.DOC or .DOCX)
  • Do I have to submit a paper to present at the conference?
  • Yes, the paper is mandatory; you must submit a paper in order to present at the conference.
  • What if we can't get our paper in by the deadline?
  • Unfortunately, we cannot grant extensions since we have to meet our own publication deadline. In order for your submission to be included in our conference materials it must be submitted no later than August 30th.
  • Will you publish the paper we submit?
  • Abstracts are published in our annual program and full papers are compiled into the annual conference proceedings. The proceedings are provided on a CD and given to all conference attendees when they check in.
  • Who holds the rights to our paper once we submit?
  • You retain all rights to submitted materials.
  • When will I know my presentation date, time and location?
  • We publish our schedule on or around August 15th. If extenuating circumstances require you to present during a specific time, please contact mentor@unm.edu. Please understand that we cannot guarantee accommodation of these requests.
  • What if I can't meet my presentation date?
  • We may be able to offer another date and time if there are any cancelations. Be sure to stay in touch.
  • Can I still submit a paper for publication if I'm not attending?
  • No, because space for publication is limited and therefore it must be reserved for presenters.
  • How are the conference proceedings handled?
  • Conference proceedings will be made available on CD and given out to participants at registration.
  • What will my conference paper be used for?
  • The conference papers are published in the annual Conference Proceedings, and are distributed on a CD for all conference attendees. In the future, papers will be available electronically for an annual membership fee.
  • Do we retain rights to our papers?
  • Yes, authors keep the copyrights of their papers.  These papers may be used for further publication depending on the regulations established by the publisher.
  • I made some changes to my abstract and would like to resubmit the edited version, what should I do?
  • We will use the abstract that is included in the Final Draft of your paper submission.
  • I need to change the title in my paper, what should I do?
  • We will use the title that is included in the Final Draft of your paper submission. Please make sure that this does not exceed the 80 character max.
  • Do presenters need to pay the registration fee if they are presenting?
  • In recognition of the presenters one hour contribution, they receive 20% discount making the registration fee $400.00. This gives them the benefit of a five day conference to view more than 300 individual/ panel presentations and 10 plenary sessions; the standard rate is $500.00.
Abstract Submissions
  • When is the abstract submission due?
  • The abstract submissions deadline is May 15, 2015 by 11:59 PM (Mountain Standard Time). The submission page will no longer be available after this time.
  • When will I know I've been accepted to present?
  • Authors will be notified of acceptance via email on Friday, May 29th, 2015.
  • What are the guidelines for the abstract submission?
  • Abstract submissions must include the following:
    • Title (80 characters maximum)
    • Author(s) (4 authors maximum)
    • Abstract Body (250 words maximum)
  • What does it mean when my abstract has been accepted?
  • When your abstract is accepted, this means that we are offering you a 45-minutes slot to present during the concurrent sessions at the conference. This also means that your paper topic has been accepted, and you are required to submit the paper for peer review. You can accept or reject the peer review comments for the final paper submission.
Paper Submissions
  • When is the deadline for my paper?
  • There are two separate deadlines for the papers. The first draft of the paper is due on June 30th by 11:59 PM Mountain Standard Time. Papers are then peer-reviewed and returned with comments on August 1st.  Authors then have until August 30th to submit the final drafts for publication in the conference proceedings.
  • Where do I submit my paper?
  • Login with your conference user account and go to 'My Papers'
  • What are the guidelines for the paper submission?
  • There are two different guidelines based on the type of presentation you are presenting. For individual and panel presentations, please follow the guidelines below:
    1. Please, use this template as a guide. download template
    2. References must be in APA Style. Visit here for APA guidelines
    3. Word Document - 5-7 pages (single-spaced) with 1” margins; Times New Roman 12 pt.
  • Which sections of my paper count towards the 5-7 page limit?
  • The 5-7 page limit includes your title, author(s), and organization(s), abstract, and body of the paper. Your references are NOT included in the page count, and will be added separately at the end of your paper.
  • How should my paper submission be formatted?
  • The submissions should be formatted as follows (All text should be aligned left):
    1. Line: Title
    2. Line: Authors: Last Name, I.
    3. Line: Organization/Institution/Company
    Individual / Panel
    1. Abstract (250 words maximum)
    2. Content (5-7 pages, 1" margins, single-spaced, includes heading and abstract)
    3. References (not included in the 5-7 page limit)
      • If you would like to use visuals in your paper (i.e. charts, graphs, or tables), you may request that these be included, and they will be evaluated and accepted on a case-by-case basis.
    1. Abstract/Description of Problem ( 250 words maximum )
    2. Description of Content ( 1-2 pages, 1 inch margins, single-spaced, includes heading and abstract )
    3. References ( not included 1-2 page limit)
  • I am submitting an oral presentation and a poster on the same subject. Do I need to write two separate papers?
  • No, you do not need to submit two separate papers, you will only need to submit one 5-7 page paper.
  • Can my job title be included in the program and on my paper submission?
  • Due to severe space constraints in our program, and for clarity and cohesiveness throughout the conference publications, we respectfully request that authors do not include job titles, as we will remove these during preparation for publication.
  • What format should the citations/references follow?
  • Citations should be in APA format. For guidelines, please visit Purdue OWL for guidelines and examples.
  • What should I do with the plagiarism report?
  • Please review the areas highlighted in the report and add citations if necessary. The report is generated by an automated system, so it will most-likely highlight some things that do not need to be cited, such as common phrases. You do not need to fix everything that is highlighted, but your final paper must have a similarity index (listed on the last page of the report) of less than 30% to be published.
Poster Submissions
  • What are the guidelines for posters?
  • Poster presenters are required to design a poster, and turn in a 1-2 page paper that summarizes the content.  You may either travel with you poster, or bring the components of the poster to adhere to the poster boards beforehand.   We will provide 48" w x 36" h, tri-fold poster board, pushpins, and adhesive. Posters should follow these dimensions.
  • How should the posters be designed and formatted?
  • We generally leave poster design and content up to the presenter, and there are many different ways to display necessary information. The most important thing is clarity, and the rest is up to you. In the past, presenters have included graphs, photos and other visuals to make their posters more engaging. View this template for an idea on how to design your poster.
  • Will I have a projector and/or laptop available to me?
  • Yes. We will provide a Microsoft Surface Pro equipped with Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader.
  • What kind of projector will we have to use?
  • Optima Pro 160S DLP projectors; Mac Adapter is included.
  • Will there be someone to help me run the projector and/or laptop?
  • We will have a conference volunteer on hand to set up equipment and offer assistance if needed, but you will be responsible for running your presentation.
  • What if I need to make copies before the conference?
  • We urge you to make copies prior to your arrival at the conference, but if necessary, we can direct you to 3 locations on campus where you can do so here .
  • Can I bring my presentation on a USB?
  • Yes, we will provide projectors and laptops with USB ports.
  • Can I bring my presentation on an external CD?
  • Our laptops do not have CD drives, but you are welcome to bring your own laptop, just makes sure that you have the proper adaptor (if using a Mac).
  • How long is the presentation? Should I follow a specific format?
  • 45-minutes. Presentations should be formatted as follows: 30-minutes for presentation, 10-minutes for Q&A, and 5-minutes to fill out session evaluations.
  • How many people are going to come to my presentation?
  • Past presentations have averaged an attendance of 15-25 participants, so you can estimate that you'll need between 15-25 handouts. We expect up to 700 participants and presentations are self-select, therefore some presentations will have more participants than others.
  • What types of presentations are available to us?
  • Individual Session - A 45-minute concurrent session conducted by a single speaker.
    Panel Session - A 45-minute concurrent session conducted by two or more speakers.
    Poster Session - A 1-hour social hour/networking event, where attendees can mingle and discuss the poster presentations.
  • When will I know my presentation date, time and location?
  • We will publish the conference schedule on August 15th.
  • What if I need to present on a certain day of the conference?
  • If you need to present on a certain day due to schedule conflicts, please send us an email with at least two days you can present during the conference. Requests will be accepted until July 30th, and after this deadline, we can no longer accommodate special requests.
  • How will posters be displayed at the conference?
  • Posters will be placed on tables in one of our ballrooms during the poster session at the conference on Thursday, October 22nd from 5-6 pm.
    • What are the guidelines for the poster papers?
      1. A description of the problem (your abstract) and overview of the content.
      2. Word Document; length: 1-2 pages (single-spaced) with 1" margins; single space; Times New Roman 12 pt.
      3. References must be in APA Style. Visit here for a reference
      4. Please, use attached template as a guide. download template
    • Do you provide us with tables, poster boards and pins?
    • Yes, we will provide all the poster presenters with poster boards, pins and tables to present their posters. 

How to Cite Published Papers   

  • How should I cite my paper?
  • To cite your paper, please follow APA citation style: List by last names and initials; commas separate author names, while the last author name is preceded again by ampersand.
    • Author(s). (2016). Title of your presentation. In Dominguez, N. & Alexander, D. (Eds.), 9th Annual Mentoring Conference Proceedings: Developmental Networks: The Power of Mentoring and Coaching. University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM.


    • Author(s). (2015). Title of your presentation. In Dominguez, N. & Gandert, Y. (Eds.). 8th Annual Mentoring Conference Proceedings: New Perspectives in Mentoring: A Quest for Leadership Excellence & Innovation. Albuquerque, NM: University of New Mexico


    • Author(s). (2014). Title of your presentation. In Dominguez, N. & Gandert, Y. (Eds.). 7th Annual Mentoring Conference Proceedings: Developmental Networks: Mentoring & Coaching at Work. Albuquerque, NM: University of New Mexico


    • Author(s). (2013). Title of your presentation. In Dominguez, N. & Gandert, Y. (Eds.). 6th Annual Mentoring Conference Proceedings: Impact & Effectiveness of Developmental Relationships. Albuquerque, NM: University of New Mexico


    • Author(s). (2012). Title of your presentation. In Dominguez, N. & Gandert, Y. (Eds.). 5th Annual Mentoring Conference Proceedings: Facilitating Developmental Relationships for Success. Albuquerque, NM: University of New Mexico


    • Author(s). (2011). Title of your presentation. Dominguez, N. & Sundvall, L. (Eds.). 4th Annual Mentoring Conference Proceedings: Learning Across Disciplines. Albuquerque, NM: University of New Mexico


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    • Author(s). (2009). Title of your presentation. Dominguez, N. & Wong, C. (Eds.). 2th Annual Mentoring Conference Proceedings: Making the Most of Mentoring in a World of Change. Albuquerque, NM: University of New Mexico


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