The UNM Mentoring Institute is excited to announce our new webinar series that will establish and elaborate upon the research and practice of mentoring and coaching.

Within the fields of mentoring and coaching, across all disciplines and populations, there is an extensive panel of experts who will share their knowledge, experiences, and implications for the future. This webinar series aims to inform attendees, expert and novice, by looking at effective practices, exploring innovative aspects of the fields, and explaining the foundation of research for successful outcomes. We will cover topics such as mentoring/coaching minorities, informal mentoring/coaching relationships, and managing such processes. Mentoring and coaching experiences are not “one size fits all,” so we have tailored this webinar to engage varying scenarios.

Each month, there will be two webinars; one will focus on mentoring, and one will focus on coaching. In addition to providing skill enhancement and general knowledge, each webinar will elicit opportunity to reflect on the development of mentoring and coaching from an organizational tool to a field of study. More information on the dates can be found under the events tab of the Mentoring Insititute's website.

Live webinars will be free to all attendees for the next six months, but after that time, only members will be able to attend and rewatch the webinars. Information about membership can be found here