Economic Impact

Each year, the Mentoring Institute brings as many as 400 people from around the world for our annual Mentoring Conference, creating a substantial impact in the sales volume of air flight tickets, hotel nights, restaurant consumption, car rentals, parking fees, and local tourism.

The Mentoring Institute's certificate program for Educational Mentor Tutors (EMTs) and Peer Learning Facilitators (PLFs) contributes to the State economic development by training in Leadership, Career Development, and Coaching competencies to future professionals in New Mexico. The training provided will reduce the need for future employers to invest in the development of “soft skills" that would not have been provided to students through their academic programs otherwise, and it enhances our students' workplace readiness.

Direct Impact on UNM, the State of New Mexico, and other AREAS

A centralized mentoring training approach helps mentoring programs at UNM to eliminate redundancy, generate economies of scale, and leverage resources. Services provided by the Mentoring Institute focus on excellence in education and the ultimate participant's experience by creating successful partnerships.

Savings for the Programs Served Reflect On:
  • Target learning for program/participant needs.

  • Elimination of redundancy through application of Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs) strategies.

  • Instructional Design used properly in the design, development and deployment areas.

  • Validation of education value through strategically aligned results.

  • Consistent education documentation, benchmarking through the use of ISD standards and competencies models.

The Mentoring Institute Aim’s to Ensure That:
  • Education goals are met or exceeded.

  • Compliance is tight and on time, or ahead of schedule.

  • Learning is tested while meeting mentoring programs strategic goals.

  • Concentrations of expertise are developed based upon commonalities for each group.