4 Videos to Prepare Mentees for Success - Chronus

June 30, 2017

This four-part series teaches mentees how to be successful in their mentoring connections, because it's important that mentees know what role they play in their mentoring relationship.

Video topics include:

  1. Finding the right mentor
  2. Asking someone for mentorship
  3. Preparing for the first meeting with a mentor
  4. Developing a growth mindset for impactful mentorship

Watch the videos online here. 


About Chronus:

Chronus is the leader in mentoring software. Their configurable platform is powering hundreds of successful mentoring programs for some of the world’s largest companies, educational institutions, and professional associations. With unique MatchIQ™ technology, a guided experience for participants, and the most configurable platform in the industry, Chronus enables mentoring programs to efficiently scale and drive more strategic value for organizations worldwide.

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