What is Group Mentoring?

May 13, 2014

Learn about three different types of group mentoring. 

A normal mentoring relationship involves one mentor and one mentee. Group mentoring takes this concept and places it in a setting with multiple individuals. There are a number of specific ways that this can be accomplished.

  • One mentor can facilitate a group discussion with number of protégés on a regular basis. The facilitating mentor can ask questions, guide the discussion, and provide feedback to the mentees. Multiple individuals can benefit from the expertise of the mentor at once. 

  • Another method called "team mentoring" involves individuals in a team coming up with a series of mutual goals, and working with a mentor to accomplish those. One or more mentors can guide this team through a mentoring process. 

  • Peer-group mentoring does not involve a specific mentor, and instead works off of the collective wisdom of the group itself. During mentoring sessions, one person might ask a question, and the others members of the group can work together to help find a solution. In this form of group mentoring, everyone takes part in the mentoring in addition to the learning. 

We'll have more about group mentoring in our Thursday post!