Mentoring Activities

June 3, 2014

For some mentee-mentor pairs, the hardest part of the mentoring relationship is coming up with ideas for what to do. In this post we have listed a few possibilities to consider. 

  • Work on the creation/ improvement of the mentees resume

  • Practice networking skills, and rehearse introducing yourself to others

  • Attend a lecture or conference related to the mentees field

  • Go to lunch and spend the time socializing

  • Work on interview strategies and conduct a mock interview

  • Exchange potentially useful articles relating to the mentees field

  • Look for and research opportunities for job shadowing and internships

  • Discuss work culture at your current workplace/institution

  • Go over the protégés goals and talk about what progress has been made

  • Read a book and discuss it

  • Take a personality/ behavior assessment and talk about the results

  • Volunteer together

  • Identify weakness and brainstorm ways to improve