How to Positively Influence Others

June 5, 2014

As a mentor, being a positive influence on others is critical. Mentees view a mentors behavior as an example of how to act, so it's important that mentors try to be good role models. In this post we have compiled a few tips for how be a positive influence on others. 

Have a Positive Attitude

Choose to be happy. When stressful meetings or deadlines build up, believe that the outcome of these occurrences will be positive. Going into difficult situations with a good attitude will not only increase your chances of performing better, but will also inspire others to do the same. People love to be around those who are cheerful and excited about life. You'll inspire others to let go of negativity and to think more positively. 

Don't Overreact When Bad Things Happen

When someone makes a mistake or when something goes wrong, control your emotions. Try to remain objective and neutral; deal with the situations using common sense and not your gut instincts. People will learn to respect you for your level headedness, and will view you as a model for fairness. 

Be Happy for Others

Treat the successes of others as important events that deserve celebration. When an individual accomplishes a goal, show that you are genuinely happy for them. Send a card, shoot off an email, or verbally congratulate them. Even taking just a few moments out of your day to show that you care can make a big difference. Others will appreciate your kindness, and many will reciprocate it to others.