3 More Leadership Mistakes to Avoid

June 17, 2014

In this post we have a few more tips on how to improve your leadership skills by looking at a few common mistakes. 

Ignoring Morale

While most leaders recognize the importance of good morale in their company or organization, fewer know how to properly manage it. Morale will naturally have its high and low points, the trick is how to take advantage of it. When morale is high, use the opportunity to complete more difficult projects. When morale is lower, focus instead on motivating and boosting your workers. Paying careful attention to how those you lead feel can do wonders for success. 

Putting Things Off

As a leader, avoiding difficult situations and tasks may be tempting. The tendency to put things off is normal, but potentially very harmful for your company or organization. Instead of ignoring the tasks that you dislike, use them as learning opportunities, or alternatively delegate them someone you trust. Leaders must be able to recognize areas of weakness and act on them quickly. Avoiding problems only makes them worse! 

Not Trying Anything New

We live in a constantly evolving, hectic 21st century world. As a result, becoming comfortable with the same way of doing things year after year is a recipe for disaster. A great example of this is the tech world- look at successful companies like Apple and Google. One of the reasons for their success is their commitment to constant innovation. While you shouldn't expect yourself to be the next Steve Jobs, frequently try out new ideas within your company or organization. Embracing change can result in great success.