Advantages of E-mentoring

June 24, 2014

E-mentoring has become much more prevalent over the past few years, and for good reason. E-mentoring makes sense in our technology filled world, due to its accesibility and convenience. In this post we have listed some of the best reasons for e-mentoring.  

It's Convenient

Arguably the best thing about e-mentoring is its convenience. E-mentoring sessions can be done over email, online chat, or video conferencing, right from the mentee or mentors computer. Mentoring can take place anywhere, at any time, perfect for those with busy schedules. 

Every Conversation is Recorded

Regular face to face mentoring meetings require diligent note taking in order to record the events of the session. Online mentoring is different: in most cases the mentoring will all be recorded online automatically. Chat logs or emails are usually saved, making reviewing past sessions extremely simple and easy. Having a permanent log of all mentoring sessions makes it easy to look over old topics and helps you get the most out of your mentor. 

It Allows Time to Consider Responses

Regular mentoring involves direct conversations between mentor and mentee. As a result, the mentor may not have adequate time to come up with a great response to one of his or her mentee's questions. E-mentoring allows for mentors and mentees to consider their answer and responses to questions before they are sent, making for potentially better answers.