• 3 Tips for Better Leadership
    Posted in General on May 21, 2014

    Here are a few tips that can help improve your leadership skills. 

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  • 3 More Tips for Better Leadership
    Posted in General on May 29, 2014

    Here are a few more tips that can help improve your leadership skills. 

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  • 3 Leadership Mistakes To Avoid
    Posted in General on June 12, 2014

    In continuing with our leadership theme, today we have a post containing a few potential pitfalls for leaders. Also if you haven't yet, check out two of our learlier posts with tips for better leadership. 

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  • 3 More Leadership Mistakes to Avoid
    Posted in General on June 17, 2014

    In this post we have a few more tips on how to improve your leadership skills by looking at a few common mistakes. 

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  • Iron Sharpens Iron
    Posted in Mentoring Tips on February 6, 2015

    It takes strong mentors to create strong leaders, but how does one become a strong mentor?  Some say mentors are shaped through human interaction - who we talk to, who we spend time with, and who we look up to all play a roll in who we become.  Talk with your mentor today about how those around you affect your day to day life.

  • The Best Advice I’ve Ever Heard (David Clutterbuck)
    Posted in General on July 15, 2015

    It’s evident that a coaching and mentoring strategy requires the sustained support and energy of an organization’s leaders. In our interviews on this topic with both HR professionals and leadership teams, a number of themes recur frequently enough to warrant inclusion in practical guidelines. In no particular order of importance, these are:

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  • Mentoring People Who Aren't Like You
    Posted in Mentoring Tips on April 19, 2017

    "It took me years to understand this basic dynamic: Those who look less like me might find it hard to share their concerns with me or ask for help. They might feel uncomfortable raising their hand if they aren’t sure I will identify with them. And it’s on me, as the leader, to help close that gap." 

    -Richard Farnell in his article "Mentor People Who Aren't Like You" from the Harvard Business Review


  • 4 Tips For Retaining College Graduates
    Posted in Mentoring Tips on June 19, 2017

    Here are four ideas to help you turn your newly-hired college gradutes into successful employees through mentoring:

    1) Set Expectations - "By approaching onboarding using personalization, employers can better teach college graduates about the organization during their first crucial days as employees."

    2) Continue Their Learning - "Lessen confusion and make the transition earlier by assigning a lead contact for all educational needs. New college graduates will appreciate the consistency and support as they grow both professionally and personally with learning opportunities."

    3) Give Individualized Attention - "If setting up meetings between new hires and your company CEO isn’t always possible, sit down with company leaders to decide who would be best to meet initially with each grad. While employees will feel important and "heard," the company itself will be better prepared to help each person reach goals through specific training and mentoring."

    4) Measure Results - "Talk to team members about what they found most important, challenging and even frustrating during the onboarding process. Use their answers to guide what metrics you'll subsequently use to measure recent grads’ satisfaction and assess how they’re perceiving company goals, expectations and culture."

    From "Stop Chasing College Graduates Away: Instead, Employ These 4 Tips" by Heather Huhman from Entrepreneur.com. https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/295924