3 Leadership Mistakes To Avoid

June 12, 2014

In continuing with our leadership theme, today we have a post containing a few potential pitfalls for leaders. Also if you haven't yet, check out two of our learlier posts with tips for better leadership. 

Not Setting Goals

Goal setting isn't just an important part of mentoring, it's also essential for anyone in a leadership position. Setting goals allows those you lead to find a purpose in the tasks that they need to complete, giving them direction and motivation. Creating reasonable yet challenging goals is a hard part of leadership, but one of the most critical. 

Poor Communication

Communicating with your employees is crucial for effective leadership. By not telling those who you lead what's happening in your company or organization, you risk making them feel unimportant. Let people know what's going on frequently to ensure that they feel "part of the team". 

Forgetting to Reward

Rewarding those you lead helps boost morale and encourages hard work. Forgetting to do so can lead to an individual feeling unappreciated and dissatsitisfied with their job. Rewarding is easy: even something as simple as a verbal comment or an email can go a long way to making someone working for your company or organization feel wanted.