2024 Call for Proposals

The Mentoring Institute is excited to announce its 17th Annual Mentoring Conference: Inclusive Developmental Networks: Building Transformative Communities Through Effective Mentoring, taking place from Monday, Oct. 21 through Friday, Oct. 25, 2024, in the Student Union Building at the University of New Mexico, Main Campus, Albuquerque, NM.  

During our five-day conference, productive and dynamic conversations will be nurtured as participants engage in networking and educational opportunities through facilitated learning sessions, individual and panel presentations, hands-on experiential workshops, and daily plenary sessions.  

The Mentoring Institute welcomes proposals from faculty, students, researchers, professionals, and practitioners interested in the scholarship of mentoring, coaching, supervision, and leadership from non-profit and NGO organizations, governmental agencies, K-12, and institutions of higher education from all disciplines and professions. 

This year, we want to create an active, inclusive, and diverse community of practice where all members can learn from each other; therefore, all accepted authors and presenters must participate in the peer-review process and register for the conference.  

Important Dates 2024

Abstracts and Papers     Registration  
Abstract Submission* Feb 15 - April 15     Early Registration Feb 15 - May 30
Proposal Acceptance Notice April 30   Presenter Registration Feb 15 - May 15
Paper Submission Due May 30   Reviewer Registration Feb 15 - May 30
Peer-Review Process June 1 - 30   Participant Registration** May 30 - Oct 6
Peer-Reviewed Papers Returned July 1      
Final Paper Submission Due July 30      

* The CMC welcomes volunteer peer reviewers who have been accepted to present at previous Mentoring Institute conferences and those who hold faculty positions at Institutions of Higher Education. 

*To submit an abstract, create an account or log in to the Mentoring Institute’s website, click My Conference, and submit abstract

**Refund policy: Before Jun 30th – full refund; Before July 30th – 50% refund; After August 1st - no refunds will be processed

What We Are Looking For

In a dynamic and constantly changing workplace, careers and professional relationships face new challenges and opportunities; therefore, there is a need for new perspectives in mentoring theory and practice. Developmental networks are central to this exploration—they form the cornerstone for wider, diverse, and thriving communities.  

This year, we are providing a platform for research projects and case studies supporting the development of meaningful connections, relationships, and mentorships that nurture imaginative and inclusive paradigms of thought. We particularly encourage presentations on reciprocal mentoring, identity awareness, and cultural competence to create and sustain successful professional relationships and career advancement.  

Proposals promoting diversity, inclusion, and cross-cultural mentoring, coaching, and leadership relationships, that explore the following are encouraged:

  • Relevant and informative approaches related to the conference theme Inclusive Developmental Networks: Building Transformative Communities Through Effective Mentoring.

  • Theoretical and conceptual models using systematic literature reviews. 

  • Research projects using quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods designs. 

  • Case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of existing mentoring, coaching, and leadership practices.

  • New methodologies or evaluation models for mentoring programs and relationships.

Presentations may explore mentoring, coaching, and leadership through their many configurations including hierarchical, peer, one-to-one, group, face-to-face, and virtual relationships in the following strands: a) arts; b) business, innovation, and entrepreneurship; c) health sciences d) higher education; e) humanities; f) K-12 and educational leadership; g) STEM h) diversity and inclusion; and i) others.  

Guidelines for Presenters & Reviewers

Presenters for the 2024 conference must meet the following requirements for their session presentation, abstract, and paper development.  (Please read these carefully, as they are mandatory for all presenters.) 

Enrollment of Presenters & Reviewers   

All presenters must have an account with the Mentoring Institute. If you are new to our community, please click here to create an account. If you are a previous presenter or participant, there is no need to create an account or use previous credentials to log in to the Mentoring Institute’s website. Click on My Conference and submit abstract

By applying to present at the 17th Annual Mentoring Conference, all accepted authors and co-authors agree to contribute to this mentoring community by participating in the peer review process taking place between June 1 and 30, 2024.  

Submission of Abstract for Review  

Two types of papers are appropriate for presentation at the 17th Annual Mentoring Conference: (1) Research Projects, (2) Case studies of Programs or Projects, and (3) Theoretical Models, Conceptual Papers, or Systematic Literature Reviews. Presenters/authors should specify in the Introduction of their abstract if their presentation is an individual or group session. The main presenter/author must submit a 300-word abstract between February 15th and April 15th.  

Presentation of Research. The four parts of the 300-word abstract should include (1) Style of presentation & Introduction of topic, (2) Conceptual or theoretical framework, (3) Methodology, and (4) Outcomes and discussion. Each of the four parts is limited to 75 words each.  
Presentation of Program, Model, or Project. The four parts of the 300-word abstract should include (1) Style of presentation & Introduction of the topic; (2) Relevant research, concepts, and theories supporting the development of the program, model, or project; (3) Context; (4) Outcomes and discussion. Each of the four parts is limited to 75 words each.  
Presentation of Theoretical Models, Conceptual Papers, or Systematic Literature Reviews. The four parts of the 300-word abstract should include (1) Style of presentation & Introduction of topic; (2) Relevant research, concepts, and theories supporting the development of the model, or project; (3) Context; (4) Outcomes and discussion. Each of the four parts is limited to 75-words each.  

Expectations for Accepted Presentations

Individual or lead authors of group presentations will be notified of their acceptance by April 30, 2024. Additional instructions for paper submissions will be provided to you following notice of acceptance. 

Presenters are assigned a 45-minute slot; we suggest a TED Talk format for the first 30 minutes of the presentation, 10 minutes for Q&A, and 5 minutes for the session's evaluation. 

Paper Development
Submission of a 5–7-page paper on the topic of your presentation is mandatory no later than May 30, 2024. Papers will be peer-reviewed and published in the online journal The Chronicle of Mentoring and Coaching. 

Review of Paper Submissions 
Each accepted abstract author must review 2-3 papers between June 1 – 30, 2024. All authors, presenters, and reviewers will use the individual sign-in and password used to create their account.  

Presenter Registration
Conference registration and payment: all authors, presenters, and reviewers must register for the Conference for their names to be included in the conference program and for their papers to appear in The Chronicle of Mentoring and Coaching. 

Presenter Benefits
All registered presenters will have access to all plenary, keynote, poster, and facilitated learning sessions. Accepted presenters will receive a $100 discount from the standard fee of $600 with their acceptance code as a token of our appreciation for their contributions.

Recap of Submission Process & Deadlines

  1. Call for Proposals: The 2024 Call for Proposals will be released on Feb. 15, 2024. Abstracts must be submitted through our website using the above submission guidelines. 

  1. Abstract Submission: The deadline to submit abstracts is Apr. 15, 2024. Authors will be notified of proposal acceptance or exclusion by Apr 30, 2024

  1. Presenter Registration: Accepted presenters must register for the conference no later than May 15, 2024. Failure to complete registration by this deadline will result in removal from the accepted presenter list; subsequently, vacant slots will be offered to other presenters. 

  1. Last Date to Register as Peer-Reviewer: If you are not a conference presenter and are interested in being a peer reviewer, the deadline for registration is May 15, 2024.

  1. Paper for peer review: authors whose abstracts are accepted must submit their paper by May 30, 2024

  1. Peer Review: The peer review process will take place from June 1-30, 2024. Papers will be returned from peer review on July 1, 2024. At this time, authors may accept desired suggestions and make final edits. 

  1. Final Paper: Final paper submissions are due electronically by July 30, 2024.

  1. Conference and presentations: presenters with finalized papers will receive information regarding their presentation slot by mid-September.