Keynote Speaker Nomination

The Mentoring Institute is pleased to announce that nominations for Keynote Speakers at our 11th Annual Mentoring Conference are now open! We want to include keynote speakers that you, our conference attendees, want to hear from!

Speaker Requirements:
The theme for the 2018 Mentoring Conference is Mentoring for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Nominees who can speak to this theme will receive priority consideration when the time comes to choose speakers for the conference.

A Keynote Speaker nominee must have done extensive work in mentoring, coaching, and leadership. They should also have published books and/or articles pertaining to mentoring, coaching, and leadership. They must have excellent orator skills: articulation, grammar, stage presence, and charisma.

We at the Mentoring Institute thank you for nominating speakers and helping us create a positive conference experience, and look forward to seeing you in October!

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