• Interview With Dr. Bob Garvey
    Posted in Interviews on October 6, 2014

    Here's our interview with 2014 Mentoring Conference Speaker Dr. Bob Garvey. (This interview originally appeared in the October 2014 issue of Mentoring & Coaching Monthly)

    Bob Garvey is Professor of Business Education at York St. John Business School.  He is one of Europe’s leading academic practitioners of mentoring and coaching, and an experienced mentor/coach. He works with a range of people from all business sectors including the voluntary sector, the arts, the health sector, as well as, small businesses and large corporations. Bob subscribes to the ‘repertoire’ approach of coaching and mentoring.  Bob is a lively and engaging international conference speaker. Recent examples are EMCC Research Conference in Dublin, APEGA in Canada, the ICF in Lithuania and Latvia, and the African Management Forum, in Sudan. He has published extensively.  His bestselling practitioner book, The Mentoring Pocket Book is now in its 3rd edition.  His most recent work is in the Major Work Series for Sage titled “The Fundamentals of Coaching and Mentoring.” This is a reference collection of 130 papers in 6 volumes with a substantial editor’s introduction. Currently he is working on a new text for Sage with professors David Gray and David Lane on coaching and mentoring in social contexts. 
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  • Mentors as Counselors
    Posted in Mentoring Tips on October 6, 2014

    Due to the close nature of mentoring relationships, it's not uncommon for a mentee to ask a mentor for help with personal or emotional issues. As a mentor, listen carefully, and attempt to provide constructive and meaningful help. However, if the issue becomes too difficult to handle, don't be afraid to refer the mentee to professional help for further assistance.


  • October 2014; Volume 1, Issue 8
    Posted in Newsletters on October 3, 2014

    Special Conference Edition, Interviews with Dr. Bob Garvey and Dr. Mary Fernández