• 4 Videos to Prepare Mentees for Success - Chronus
    Posted on June 30, 2017

    This four-part series teaches mentees how to be successful in their mentoring connections, because it's important that mentees know what role they play in their mentoring relationship.

    Video topics include:

    1. Finding the right mentor
    2. Asking someone for mentorship
    3. Preparing for the first meeting with a mentor
    4. Developing a growth mindset for impactful mentorship

    Watch the videos online here. 


    About Chronus:

    Chronus is the leader in mentoring software. Their configurable platform is powering hundreds of successful mentoring programs for some of the world’s largest companies, educational institutions, and professional associations. With unique MatchIQ™ technology, a guided experience for participants, and the most configurable platform in the industry, Chronus enables mentoring programs to efficiently scale and drive more strategic value for organizations worldwide.

    If you have any additional questions about mentoring, connect with Chronus on Twitter @ChronusSoftware, LinkedIn, or on Facebook.

  • Overcoming Failure
    Posted on June 1, 2015

    At its worst, failure can be devastating.  However, many would say true failure occurs not when success slips from our fingers, but when failure overwhelms us, preventing us from further experimentation.  Talk with your mentoring partner today about your most recent success or failure. How can you continue to move forward?

  • Dedicated, not Lucky
    Posted on April 3, 2015

    It is easy to equate success with luck, however many of the most accomplished people in the world will say luck played no part in their success.  It was all due to dedication and hard work.  Talk with your mentor today about how you can apply yourself to create your own luck.

  • Suffering from a Case of the Monday Blues?
    Posted on November 10, 2014

    Some days just feel awful.  If you've found yourself with a case of the Monday Blues take a minute for yourself.  Turn off all distractions, close your eyes, and picture yourself succeeding.  Whatever is causing you to struggle can be conquered if you can see yourself succeeding.

    Discuss with your mentor today about how you can better visualize your future success. 

  • Acknowledge a Mentee's Achievements
    Posted on May 23, 2014

    Mentors should highlight their mentees achievements, big or small. Acknowledging success helps build a protégés confidence, and encourages them to continue successfully accomplishing their goals.